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Mediation Fees

For a two-party mediation, Network Mediations charges $6,000 for a full-day mediation, which includes pre-mediation preparation. There is a charge of $3,000 for each additional party. Network Mediations also charges an administration fee of $250 per party. Mediation fees are due 14 days before the scheduled mediation.

Asynchronous Mediation 

Network Mediations offers a unique scheduling option for lawyers and parties who cannot spend a full day in mediation. Instead of lawyers and parties having to accommodate to a mediation schedule, mediation accommodates to their schedule. No more sitting around for half the day doing nothing. With Asynchronous Mediation, lawyers and parties maintain their normal work schedule while mediation happens at their convenience. This is a great option for busy lawyers, as well as for parties who cannot afford to take time off work for a full day mediation. Here is how Asynchronous Mediation works:

  • The mediator schedules an initial 1-hour videoconference with each side separately. We ask that all members (parties, lawyers, insurance adjusters, etc.) be available for this initial meeting. 

  • After these initial meetings, there is no further scheduled mediation time; instead, we ask that the lawyers be available (by phone, email, text, etc.) for follow-up conversations with the mediator. 

Asynchronous Mediation takes about the same amount of time as a regular, full-day mediation, but spread out over several days to accommodate everyone's normal work schedule. The fee for Asynchronous Mediation is the same as for a full-day mediation. Because the time commitment is more accommodating than traditional mediation, once all parties have paid the mediation fee and submitted briefs, the Asynchronous Mediation can begin immediately. 

Cancellation Policy


Network Mediations does not charge a cancellation fee. Prior to the start of mediation, parties may cancel mediation at any time without penalty.


To scheduled either a traditional, full-day mediation or an Asynchronous Mediation, please email Network Mediations at:

You may also submit a message through the contact feature on this website.

Mediation Briefs

Mediation briefs are due at least 1 week prior to mediation. Please email them to Mediation briefs should include:

  • Introduction of the case

  • Procedural history

  • Discovery status -- completed and anticipated 

  • Comprehensive statement of facts

  • Legal arguments with supporting authority 

  • Rebuttal of opposing arguments (if known)

  • Damages -- full economic breakdown, emotional distress, argument for punitive damages (if any), and expected claim for costs and attorneys' fees

  • Summary of prior settlement discussions

  • Exhibits of evidence

  • No settlement demand is necessary

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